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YapChat provides access to one of the fastest growing chat networks. iWebcam Chat Network currently connects over 16 million room connections in a 30 day period. Need we say . . wow! If you are looking for an amazing webcam video chat experience you’ve found it. And . . . for those that have been here before a big thank you for your support of this chat room and chat network.

YapChat chat room does not require you to download a software program. We do not even require you to register a chat profile. You may enter as a guest chatter and enjoy chatting using a webcam. You may view other webcam streams and chat with other members from many places in the world.

If you find our chat room too busy you may click the chat room list button at the top left of the chat and choose another chat room on the iWebcam Chat Network.

It is free to create a chat profile and secure a name for yourself on the iWebcam Chat Network. As a registered member you will be able to send and receive STARS, flirt with other members, and create your very own chat room on the network.


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